Numbering Magic - Easy Numbering Software

Forms, raffle tickets, NCR, documents, all become easy job, ideal for digital printing.

The software is designed to increase workflow and productivity in the digital and offset print markets.

Simply just drop one pdf file into the panel, add number object on the top of pdf, move around any where. The numbers can use any font, be in any colour or black, number forward or backward, skip number, number in any orientation and number in different multiples.

Users can number onto documents that have been printed traditionally or include the artwork of the document that they wish to print into the software, position the numbers onto the artwork and output the numbered document direct to a digital output device. Numbering Magic is a great breakthrough in numbering technology for the small to medium size printing business and it's so flexible. It's no longer have to rely on the obsolete, expensive and often-fickle letterpress numbering machines of the past and this is a huge bonus. Numbering Magic is just so simple and easy to set up use. The operator can be up and running in minutes.

Screen Shot